01 July 2013

Are the Chiefs Relevant?

As a follow-up to the Pro Football Talk feature over the past couple of days on the Kansas City Chiefs' Mount Rushmore, I decided to take a look at the performance history, decade by decade. The assertion on the show was that the Chiefs have not been relevant since the 1960s, so said Mike Florio.

Here's a quick look at the Chiefs have performed over the decades.

  • Record: 87-48-5
  • Winning Percentage: .639
  • Equivalent Record: 10-6
  • NOTE: The best decade with on Superbowl title and the best winning percentage.
  • Record:60-79-5
  • Winning Percentage: .434
  • Equivalent Record: 7-9
  • NOTE: This is the worst decade in franchise history. Zero playoff appearances.
  • Record:66-84-2
  • Winning Percentage: .441
  • Equivalent Record:7-9
  • Record:102-60
  • Winning Percentage: .630
  • Equivalent Record: 10-6
  • Record:72-90
  • Winning Percentage: .444
  • Equivalent Record:7-9
  • Record:19-29 (so far)
  • Winning Percentage: .396
  • Equivalent Record:6-10
  • Record:404-388-12
  • Winning Percentage: .510
  • Equivalent Record:8-8

So no matter how much it hurts, despite the great decades of Hank Stram and Marty Schottenheimer leading the team, we are fans of a .500 team over it's history. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the Chiefs!! We have great history, incredible fans, an iconic and historic stadium, and an owner that created the AFL and named the Superbowl. But our record leaves something to be desired.

I say Dorsey, Reid and the boys begin changing that this season.

Here We Go!!

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  1. Let us hope so! I will always love the Chiefs, win or lose.


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